My articles have been published in international academic journals. The latest academic article has been published as a book part in England.

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When Covid-19 began to spread across the world, I had to return back home to continue my education. I noticed that life was getting harder for me day by day because my family thought I did not do anything without the online lessons.

My mission as a student is to…


I created a campaign for returning to online education due to raising Covid-19 cases.

The post has been viewed from 17,000 people and has been liked over 200 people with 33 comments.

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How Did I Start the Campaign?

Sometimes social events can happen suddenly like Covid-19. All the people have been affected by the virus. Its effect still runs.

I’m a university student. I continued my education staying by the…


That University exists in the Bosphorus. As a student there I drink coffee, I see the lecturers get on the vessel.

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It is Galatasaray University. Maybe you’ve heard this name as a football club in Turkey. Galatasaray University exists in the Bosphorus that has the most beautiful part of Istanbul. The University is one of the best in Turkey. It was established cooperation with France. The education language is French.


I’ve worked as an part-time employee in headquarters of a participation bank. This story tells about how to feel working a participation bank.

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Job Offer

A summer day when I’m studying in a library in my hometown, I received a phone call from a woman who said that she is a human resources expert in a bank which I’ve applied to work in there before then. I was shocked because of the coming call. …

Devshirme can be defined as an education system to be used the Christian children in point of ruling the Ottoman Empire

I would say as a Turkish guy and traveled all of the Balkan countries as mentioned you, a system of the devshirme presents equity opportunity for all of Ottoman society.

To understand the system should be known the Ottoman history. I will emphasize some points of Ottoman Empire. First, Ottoman…


The USA was taxed by Ottoman Empire then.


A brief story of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was founded by Osman Ghazi in 1299. Throughout the following centuries, The Ottoman Empire expanded its borders towards the three-continent; Europe, Asia, and Africa. …


End of the Blockade on Qatar and Evaluating the New Balance in The Middle East

Qatar’s Capital City Doha — This photo took from Pixaby.

Since Iran Islamic Revolution, Iran expanded its own footprint in the Middle East using the Shiah sect. Today, we can see the effects of Iran on some countries that have the Shia society which is Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen. …

Mustafa Pekcandanoğlu

Perspectives from The Bosphorus

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