The USA was one once of the tributaries of the Ottoman Empire

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A brief story of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was founded by Osman Ghazi in 1299. Throughout the following centuries, The Ottoman Empire expanded its borders towards the three-continent; Europe, Asia, and Africa. In this expansion, the conquest of Constantinople, which has been essential for many civilizations and a holy city for many religious beliefs, was the crucial point.

During the 16th century, Ottoman Empire increased its sovereignty over the Mediterranean. Even though its hegemony has relative damage in the following centuries, the Ottomans could manage to protect their impacts over the region until the 18th century.

Ottoman Empire…


End of the Blockade on Qatar and Evaluating the New Balance in The Middle East

Qatar’s Capital City Doha — This photo took from Pixaby.

Since Iran Islamic Revolution, Iran expanded its own footprint in the Middle East using the Shiah sect. Today, we can see the effects of Iran on some countries that have the Shia society which is Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen. This situation has been sensed as a threat from the Gulf countries.

Arab Spring has created a political structure that is divided into three parts that Saudi Arabi-UAE, Iran, and Turkey-Qatar. The political structure has been shaped by the blockade of Qatar strongly. But we can’t categorize the axis completely. Donald Trump had supported Israel and the axis that includes Saudi…

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